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Miah and his sister Anna have a conversation.

Anna is playing Sims 4 on her bed when her brother Miah walks in asking if he could use concealer. Anna tells him it's okay to use concealer. He starts to leave before turning around and telling Anna he's bisexual. She takes a moment to parse this. Anna is shocked at how Miah chose to come out to her, and grabs his arm as he tries to backtrack and leave the room. Anna tries to probe him about what guy at school he's into, while he insists he doesn't need to have a crush on anyone in order to know his sexuality. Anna concedes. Miah sits down on the bed, while Anna asks if the female classmate Miah has been interested in knows that he's bi. He angrily insists that she'll never know, if he has any say in it. Miah confides that it's important this information doesn't get out because they live in a very small town and classmates already assume he's gay because he keeps his hair long. Anna reassures Miah that hair doesn't make people gay. Taking the piss, she suggests that Shrek could make people gay. Miah isn't fond of this joke. Miah explains why he was inclined to come out to Anna when he did. Anna suggests she call him Bi-ah, which prompts Miah to get up to leave. They discuss Miah's homecoming date. As Miah leaves, Anna assures him that she won't share his secret, and returns to playing Sims 4.