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A person wearing cowboy boots, seen only from the legs down, stands in a cemetery, framed by two cross-shaped grave markers in the foreground. In the background, where the sky would be, is a monochromatic red vignette of the same character, but younger, with a frightened expression and pointing a gun at someone unseen. Two cowboys on horses cross paths. The one in the foreground faces away from the viewer, while the one in the middle ground looks at the other in apparent shock. Monochromatic drawing of two cowboys as they jovially run off somewhere together. Digital bust portrait of a man with long dark hair and blue eyes, wearing a bolo tie and white shirt with embroidered blue stars. Drawing of two young people by a creek at Red Rock State Park in Arizona. One character, wearing a green Victorian dress and brown hat, is wading the creek, while their friend, who is wearing a white shirt and brown pants, takes their shoes off to wade in the creek as well. A view across a field of Arizona shrubland, looking towards the silhouette of a ranch house tha tis on fire. A woman rushes to stop someone from shooting a man who has fallen on the ground. Figures are lit by an orange sunset. Downward view of two people's feet, standing on a sidewalk covered in autumn leaves. A person sits in the back of a pickup truck, holding their phone in one hand and a cigarette in the other, looking away from the viewer towards a pink sunset. A person on a horse stares at a mirage in the desert that appears as a large group of other men on horseback. A man dressed in western clothing lies on the ground in a puddle as it rains, reaching up towards the stars. Silhouette of a cowboy with a gun, lit from behind by a red moon. Blonde woman in a white gown stands ankle-deep in a creek. A cowboy stands in the Painted Desert as sand blows around him. A boy lies in a pile of autumn leaves. Two people sit back to back on top of a mountain, one facing a forest and the other facing a valley. A person puts on lipstick in the bathroom mirror. A boy stands by a gray car, drinking a coffee and holding a cigarette in his other hand. The sky behind him is gray and cloudy. A woman stands facing a door, as an unseen sinister character whispers to her. View through a car winshield of a highway in the mountains. It's lightly snowing, and the winshield is frosty. Painting of a landscape, with massive mountains rising up behind an island with lots of evergreen trees and a small lighthouse. Grayscale drawing of two characters in bed next to each other. One of them is wearing a beanie hat as a sleep mask, and the other one lifts the edge of it to wake up their partner. Painting of a boy with curly red hair lying down in the grass among purple flowers. There are fallen tree branches and lush plants in the background. A group of three middle-school-aged kids circle around another, in the foreground, who is holding a paper fortune teller/cootie catcher. One kid looks frightened, while another looks at him, amused. The third looks mildly concerned. Two characters are lying down in the middle of a road at night, holding hands. One is pointing to something in the sky but looking over at their partner, smiling. Blurry image of a character at sunset, smiling, while looking past the viewer. The sun is nearly set behind the trees, and the character is illuminated with a faint orange glow. A girl and a boy laying in the grass, embracing and laughing. A blooming hawthorn tree is in the foreground. A man with a walking stick, facing away from the viewer, approaches a silhouetted figure that resembles a monstrous version of himself.

Partial bust portrait of a girl with long, dark hair and a gold necklace with a bird charm.

Partial bust portrait of a pale boy with freckles wearing a gray shirt and gray jacket.

Landscape painting of somewhere in Iceland. The sky is gray and cloudy, and there are mountains in the distance and grassy land in the foreground. A small building sits on a hill. Painting of a cute jack-o-lantern with arms and legs, sitting on a pile of leaves. View from behind of a young woman standing in front of a dresser, looking out a sunny window.