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The protagonist is looking for something uncertain, until she escapes the boundaries of the comic panels and discovers she was looking in all the wrong places.

A ghost girl tries to cheer up her mourning sister.

A girl sends a lewd message-in-a-bottle to the ocean, who tells her to stop being a perv.

A narrator ponders what plant would become when she dies. She suggests moss, so her girlfriend could have a soft blanket to sit on, or a parthenocissus vine so she can still have arms to wrap around her.

The narrator suggests she might become a mimosa tree, because she still curls to the gentlest of her girlfriend's touch.

The narrator says her girlfriend would become a mighty pine in an untouched forest.

An image of the the two girls kissing, as the narrator says she would be happy just to be a ray of sunshine that brings light and warmth to the pine tree's branches.

A girl explains to her girlfriend, in narration, about how her own eczema makes her afraid of touching people.

The narrator tells her girlfriend that her insecurities are not repulsive because she already loves her.

The narrator reconciles that both she and her girlfriend have imperfect skin and it's okay, becasue when they're together, she forgets about the itch.

A ventriloquist's tries to talk about the meaning of life with her sock puppet.