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Suriska is a long-form webcomic about small-town scandal and celebrity.

Freya and Corin are sitting/floating in front of a purple/blue gradient background. Freya, holding a lantern, is happy, while Corin, whom Freya is stepping on, is displeased.

A character leaves one location, and, while reaching his house, decides to turn around and head towards the woods instead.

A character retrieves a heavy box from his closet and gives it to another character.

A character is overcome with thoughts (magical thinking), while compulsively tapping a stack of papers.

A character retrieves a package from his porch. When a neighbor starts to talk to him, he slams the door in panic.

The character from the previous page sits in front of his door while reading a letter a package that his aunt sent him. He starts to tear up.

Two characters look at a spot where a house once stood.

A character's uncle explains how the former's house burned down, reassuring him that he's nothing like his father.

The main character is overwhelmed with anxiety at a party, and finds an empty room in which to eat alone.

The main character meets a fluffy dog, but gets distracted hearing people talking about him in another room.

A mother tells the plot of a mystery novel she's writing to her young son, then lets him figure out the twist, which she had not yet written.

The boy solves and explains the mystery of who has the diamonds in his mom's mystery novel. She thanks him for helping her.

A person in bed overhears people talking about him and has anxious thoughts about their ulterior motives.

Protagonist explains how she always imagines herself dying in isolated places along the railway.

A bunch of people form a search party for a missing townsperson.

A person tries to hide in the woods by covering himself in snow.

Two sisters talk on the phone, interspersed with a montage which covers several days.

Protagonist tries to fight off her sister's warnings in her head, but fails to do so and has to compulsively set the phone down three times.

Two characters board a snowmobile.